5.11 COVRT Z.A.P. 6 (Zone Assault Pack)

5.11 Covrt ZAP 6 Features: 
– Ccw carrier
– Ambidextrous strap system
– Quick-attach tenstion strap
– Compatible with our covrt tech sleeve and covrt holster
– Hold an ipad® or netbook
– Admin pockets
– Internal organizer pockets
– Hydration/armor compatible pocket
– Coms pocket with a mic/earphone cord pass through

First off I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to LA Police Gear for supporting my Blog Reviews. I’ve been buying stuff from LAPG for about two years now and not had a single issue. Their customer service is some of the best in the industry. When I didn’t like something they were fast to refund or exchange said item. If I had a question, I could always get someone on the phone, and even if I wasn’t interested in buying while on the phone, they were never quick to end the call with me. With that said, Thanks LAPG and on to the next review.

Today I am reviewing the 5.11 Covrt ZAP 6 pack. The reason I went with this bag is because of it’s “low profile” covert look. No longer will I stick out in a crowd like a sore thumb with a bag loaded with molle attachments etc. As I took it out of the box I was overwelmed at the overall size. This bag is bigger than it appears in pictures on the internet. Don’t be alarmed though, it’s not a bad thing! Upon opening the compartments I found a bunch of neat little storage

areas. The main compartment is approximately 6.42″ x 10″ x 11.46″ and is large enough to store an iPad, first aid, a paperback, lunch, and still have room left over for storing all kinds of other goodies. Inside the main compartment, there are a couple of zippered pouches for confined smaller items you don’t want getting lost, like your wallet, keys, passport etc.. There’s a coms pocket on the main strap which can concealing a cell phone, camera or even a pair of glasses for quick access. If you choose to use the coms pocket for your cellphone (as I have), 5.11 went ahead and put a reinforced hole for passing a headphone cord through.

On each side of the 5.11 Covrt ZAP 6 pack , there are mesh pockets with elastic bands to keep bottles of water from falling out. In case you’re really thirsty, there’s another large zippered pocket on the back that’s compatible with hydration systems. Or, you can use it for a small netbook computer.

There are a couple more zippered pockets, one on the top of the pack and one on the front. The top of the pack pouch has a cloth lining for putting delicate items in to avoid scratching. Right now I have my Rayban sunglasses and Fenix TK35 flashlight in there. The front pocket has a half dozen pouches sewn into nylon with space for a few pens, notepad, SaftyBright glowstick, and a Leatherman Wave multi-tool. There are also a couple of plastic hooks for holding things such as keys, usb thumb drive, or a pill fob. Sandwiched between the front pocket and the main compartment is a small area that can be accessed from both sides of the bag. This area has some velcro inside for concealing a pistol and magazine holster.

The 5.11 Covrt ZAP 6 sling strap is ambidextrous to go over either shoulder and accessing the pack is simple and quick. Adjusting the sling strap is a 3 second task with the loop-pull (shown below). The sling strap has a hidden strip of velcro for adding on the 5.11 Covrt Pistol Pouch , or the 5.11 Covrt Tech Sleeve (shown below). Both the pack and the strap have an ample amount of padding, and all of the zippers work both ways, meaning you can get into any compartment of your bag very quickly. Plus, there are a number of other little nice loops, velcro, and doodads that make this bag incredibly easy to use.
Things I Like:
  • Size: The size of this bag is perfect whether you are a regular civilian or law enforcement officer. It’s not to small, nor to large. I’ve tried a few other sling style EDC bags before and they were either to big and bulky or to small and didn’t provide enough space for my EDC gear. This bag offers all the space I need plus some and I can carry a iPad or a small netbook if I need to.
  • Materials: The materials used is 500D/420D Water-Resistant Nylon. I wore this bag outside in a good downpour rain storm for about 15 minutes and there was no moisture inside the bag. The zippers feel like high quality YKK zippers, they open and close smoothly. The grab handle on top of the bag is very study. The padding is 5-star on this bag. There is thick padding on the back support and sling strap. The padding allows really good breathing to help keep you cool!
  • Coms Pocket: The other sling strap bags I’ve tried in the past didn’t have this incorporated into the bag, making carrying a cell phone a hassle if you’re wearing athletic pant/shorts without pockets. And the  reinforced hole for the headphone wire is overlapping so no water gets inside. I love it !!
  • Appearance: I love having a bag with all my EDC stuff and not sticking out in a crowd like a sore thumb. While I do like my other bags with molle on them, I feel the 5.11 Covrt line of bags is the ultimate EDC civilian “fit in” bag. The 5.11 Covrt ZAP 6 comes in two colors: Asphalt/Black and True Navy/Asphalt.
  • Top Pocket: The pocket on the top of the bag has a soft cloth liner. This allows you to put stuff like glasses, PDA, GPS or any other item you’d like to avoid being scratched.
Things I Dislike:
  • Front Pocket Zipper: The actual zippers themselves work great. I just feel that if the zipper went another 1″ lower it would allow for easier access to stuff in the front pocket. While it’s not that critical, I think it’s something that would add extra awesomeness to this bag.
  • Colors: Again, it’s not that critical since the colors that are available mix well with just about any covert/civilian apparel. But it would be neat if they offered the same colors as the 5.11 Covrt 18 Backpack.

This is all the stuff I had in the 5.11 Covrt ZAP 6 and I still had a bunch of space for more stuff.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this bag a solid 9.5 due to my personal dislikes.

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