Fenix PD20 LED Flashlight

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fenix pd20 led flashlight

Fenix PD20 LED Flashlight Specifications:

• Uses one 3V CR123A battery (Lithium)
• 78.5mm (Length) x 22.2mm (Diameter)
• 39-gram weight (excluding batteries)
• Push-button tail cap switch
• Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
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Today I am reviewing the Fenix PD20 LED Flashlight. I’ve had this flash light for about eight or so months now. This light has became a part of my EDC system no matter what my agenda is for the day. Due to it’s size and weight characteristics it’s easy to carry everyday without really knowing it’s there. Whether is was nights on the boat fishing or walking in a dark area you’re unfamiliar with, this light will do an awesome job! The Fenix PD20 comes with a sheath, lanyard, warranty card, and a user manual. The light does not come with a battery.
Things I Like:
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  • Size / Weight: The size on this light is 3.00″ long and a little over 0.75″ wide. The weight comes in at 1.37oz without a battery. I am able to put this light in either my front pant pocket or in my lower cargo pocket depending on what I’m wearing that day. Also if I am bicycling in the evening I can clip it to the neck lanyard and keep it around my neck with no discomforting at all.
  • Light Output: The PD20 uses a XP-G LED and has a  lifespan of 50,000 hours. It has 6 overall light modes:
    SOS Mode: 90 Lumens  3hr 56min
    Strobe: 180 Lumens  1hr 41min
    Low: 9 Lumens 66hr
    Mid: 38 Lumens 10hr
    High: 90 Lumens 3hr 56min
    Turbo: 180 Lumens 1hr 41min
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    I feel that this light offers adequate light for any EDC civilian role. Like I mentioned before, I use this light on low/mid all night fishing on the boat and never have to worry about dead batteries or inadequate light. On turbo mode I have spotted deer at about 75-85 yards from my vehicle
  • Waterproof: This light is 100% waterproof per IPX-8 standards. I’ve drop it in submerged water many times and it’s not failed me once.
  • Pocket Clip: I feel Fenix hit this one out of the park. The pocket clip is very durable and allows for deep carry in the pant pocket.
  • Construction: The Fenix PD20 is constructed using aircraft grade aluminum with machined rhombic knurling for maximum gripping, even when wet! Also you can sit it on the tail without it falling over unlike most other lights on the market.

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Things I Dislike:
  • Operations: I only have one gripe about this light. In order to take advantage of all six modes you must  use a non-rechargeable CR123A battery. If you use rechargeable batteries you are limited to strobe and turbo mode only.

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  • Temp: This light gets hot to the touch if left on for extended periods of time. It’s not overbearing but don’t be surprised when it starts warming up.
  • Origin: Made in China. I would have liked to see Made in U.S.A.
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