Zulu Nylon Gear MOLLE Visor Panel

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Zulu Molle Visor Panel Specifications:

Size: Approximately 12″x6″
Materials: Made with high quality MILSPEC components
I was browsing around the internet one night looking at stuff for my newly acquired Jeep and came across this visor panel. Not being familiar with the ZULU brand I was hesitant on pulling the trigger on this item. So I ended up ordering up a black one and it came in the mail 3 days later (fast shipping). Right out of the box I could tell Zulu put a lot of effort into making these. The craftsman ship in sewing is superb and the materials they used felt heavy duty.
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On one side (shown in above picture) you see velcro strips and milspec molle loops for attaching misc items. On the outter ends there are two elastic loops. Right now for demo purposes I have my Benchmade 530BK, UZI Tactical Pen, Sharpie Marker and a saftybright glow stick in the elastic molle loop. As you can see there is an ample amount of real estate if you have more stuff like a thin multi tool, glass breaker or a pill-fob.
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On the other side (shown in above picture) you see two pockets and three more elastic molle loops. The pocket one the left (with tan paracord) goes the whole length of the panel (12″). For demo purposes I put about 25ft of paracord, Leatherman MT, and a Fenix PD20 flash light in that pocket. In the other pocket I put my Maxpedition notepad, insurance and registration. There is an ample amount of room for more stuff in both pockets.
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Things I Like:
  • Materials & Craftsmanship: This thing is very well put together using top quality materials. Elastic loop holes work excellent !!
  • Colors: These are available in Black, Foliage, Coyote Brown, Multicam, and Atacs AU Camo
  • Price: I paid about $45 bucks shipped. At first it seemed a little much for a car organizer. But keep in mind ZULU is using milspec heavy duty materials, sewn in the USA and offering FAST shipping !!
  • Origins: Manufactured by Zulu in Chicago !!
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Things I Dislike:
  • The only thing I dislike about this visor panel is the fact that all the loop holes on the front are regular molle. I would have liked to see some elastic on it. But that’s just a personal preference. I would still give the Zulu Mollege Visor Panel a 10/10. They hit this one out of the park !!
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