Benchmade 707 Sequel

Benchmade 707 Sequel Specifications:
Overall Length: 6.75″
Closed Length: 3.80″
Blade Length: 2.95″
Blade Thickness: 0.100″
Handle Thickness: 0.420″
Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
Weight: 2.6oz

Today I am reviewing the Benchmade 707 Sequel thanks to a good friend who gave this to me as a loaner. I was in the market for a Benchmade Mini Griptilian and he said I should check out his 707 before making the purchase. Upon looking up the 707 I seen it was about 40 to 50 dollars more than the Mini Griptilian. I thought to myself, I could justify the difference in cost as long as I am getting value. So yesterday I picked up the 707 and I’ve been toying with it all evening now. I’ve gotta admit, this is one nice small EDC knife. In my opinion, if you can afford the additional 40-50 bucks definitely consider the 707.

As you can see from the above picture. The Benchmade 707 has a modified clip-point 154CM blade. Even though he’s EDC’ed this knife over three years it still opens and closes smoothly. You could open and close it using one hand if needed. The lock up on this knife is pretty solid for it’s age and use. Benchmade utilizes their axis-lock on this knife which makes opening and closing a breeze, love it! Since this knife has been used and resharpened over the years I can’t say how sharp it came out of the box. But my friend takes good care of his stuff, like you should, and this knife is super sharp! I’ve cut through some cardboard boxes, paper, and some beef eye round steaks and this thing worked great!

The above two pictures show the G10 inserts and the machined 6061-T6 aluminum handles and the jimping. Gripping was not a concern at all for me, even under wet conditions. When I was cutting the steaks I purposely made my cutting hand and the handle of the knife wet to see if there was any slippage….. None!! The jimping on the 707 is just like the Benchmade 530BK I reviewed. It’s not bad, but, it’s not the greatest either. It certainly allows your thumb to get a decent grab for making cuts.

The picture above shows the 410 stainless steel liners. Benchmade went the extra step and drilled out the liners to reduce the weight of this knife to 2.6oz. Alot of knife makers out there overlook this when designing their version of the ‘perfect’ edc knife. They use thick full stainless steel liners and end up with a 4+ ounce knife. In my opinion that’s just too much for the “perfect” EDC knife. And for alot of people weight is a deal breaker when it comes to an EDC knife. The attention to detail Benchmade put in the 707 liners screams success if you ask me. I like it alot.

The two pictures above are covering the pocket clip on this Benchmade 707. Benchmade used their traditional split arrow pocket clip. It is reversible left/right with only tip up. As you can see in the picture it sits nice in the pocket next to my Fenix PD20 flashlight. I would like to see Benchmade make a pocket clip that allows the knife to ride deeper in the pocket. But it’s not bad, I’ve had far worse knifes that exposed more.

Things I Like:
Size: The overall size on this knife is great for someone who wants a great EDC knife. It’s small enough that it goes in the pocket easily yet large enough to tackle most cutting task.
Action: Opening and closing is a breeze. As I stated earlier in my review, I can open and close it using one hand. The Axis-Lock works great on this knife.
Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum, G10, and 154CM are the materials used to make this knife. These are all supreme quality materials.
Origins: Made in America. Who doesn’t like that?

Things I Dislike:
Pocket Clip: The clip functions great. I just feel it should sit the knife a little deeper in the pocket.
Jimping: Just like the Benchmade 530BK I reviewed, I would like to see a little mote bite emphasized in the jimping.

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