SOG Flash 1 & 2

Flash 1 Specifications:
Overall Length: 5.75″
Blade Length: 2.5″
Blade Thickness: .09″
Blade Steel: AUS 8, HRC: 57-58
Handle: Black Zytel
Closed Length: 3.25″
Weight: 1.3 oz.

Flash 2 Specifications:
Overall Length: 8″
Blade Length: 3.5″
Blade Thickness: .125″
Blade Steel: AUS 8, HRC 57-58
Handle Material: GRN
Closed Length: 4.5″
Weight: 3.1 oz.

This is gonna be a two for one review. About two weeks ago I got to shopping around for a SOG Flash 1 to review. After giving it much thought I decided to just pick up the Flash 1 and the Flash 2. Why not right? I’ve been wanting to review the Flash 1 for awhile and it just seemed like a great opportunity to review the bigger brother Flash 2 as well.

I’ve been carrying these two knives for the last week and half now and there are some definitely some things I really like about these knives and some dislikes too. I’ll go over those further on in the review. Out of the box, both knives were extremely sharp! Both of them came out of the box with a very little side to side wiggle. But after a quick tweak with the pivot screw it was eliminated on both knives. Ergonomics are pretty nice on both knives. The zytel handles are certainly a different feel than what I’m used to. But overall they feel good in the hand.

The business end on the SOG Flash knives. SOG offers both of these knives in either plain edge or combo serrated edge. The blades are constructed using AUS 8 steel. AUS 8 is a Japanese steel widely used in the knife community. It’s fairly easy to service and it takes a razor edge. As I mentioned earlier, out of the box these knives were extremely sharp! After about a week and half of use they both still retain a good service edge for most cutting task. The Flash 1 has been my secondary carry knife for most medium to light duty cutting task such as food preparation, opening packages etc. While the larger Flash 2 I’ve been using for pretty much everything else; breaking down boxes, cutting rope and even cut down a shrubbery bush in the yard with a 1 inch of so root. All in all I am very pleased with the cutting ability on these knives.

Both knives are spring assisted with ambidextrous thumb studs so deploying is super easy no matter if you’re left or right handed. The slide button for closing the blade on both knives are a little notchy at first, but after some use they break in just nice like a new pair of jeans. The safety tab button works but I don’t use it. It’s more of a hassle for me personally but I can respect companies like SOG and Benchmade and others for incorporating safeties in their knives to prevent accidental discharges.

The handles are constructed using Zytel with no steel liners. This is one reason why the Flash 1 comes in at 1.3oz and the Flash 2 comes in at 3.1oz making both of these knives great EDC knives. The handles have a diamond shape checkered texture for securing a firm grip. The handle thickness on the Flash 2 is about 0.5″, a little chunky but not to the point where it’s not accommodating in the pocket. The Flash 1 handle comes in at 7/16″ which isn’t bad. I’ve carried the Flash 1 in my rear pocket just like my Benchmade 530 and it wasn’t discomforting (Picture).

The pocket clip on the Flash 1 and Flash 2 is outstanding! SOG really did an excellent job on this. As you can see in the picture above, It rides real deep in the pocket and exposes absolutely none of the knife from view. The clip has a good bit of tension on it so it won’t be sliding around on you. It may take some practice learning to manipulate when removing the from a pocket. But I can remove and deploy the blade just as quick with either Flash as I can with any other knife I own. The clip is reversible for LEFT or RIGHT tip up carry only.

Other Pictures:
– Flash 1 Dinner (Pic)
– Flash 2 Outdoors (Pic)
– Flash 2 Outdoors (Pic)

Things I Like:
– Out of the box sharpness
– Lightweight
– Easy and comfortable to carry in most EDC systems
– Deep carry pocket clip
– Fast deployment
– Affordability and value

Things I Dislike:
– My only gripe is the lack of jimping. There are some simulated groves on the spine of the handle but when I was trying to make some precision cuts in the rain, my thumb would occasionally slide forward. I would like to see some jimping there or maybe a thumb ramp. Other than that, these knives are awesome!

My final conclusion on the SOG Flash 1 & 2: I am very impressed with the craftsmanship, the performance and most importantly the cutting ability of these knives. The blade on these knives open quickly and lock up pretty solid after a quick tweaking with the pivot screw. The blade takes a razor sharp edge and is pretty easy to service when needed. These knives have became part of my EDC knife rotation. I really hope SOG does a revision of this knife with some jimping because it will definitely make these knives a 10 out of 10 for utility and EDC knives.

I bought these from John at American Knife and Sword. They did an excellent job at answering my questions in a very fast timely manner and shipping was pretty fast too. I think I had them on my door step in 2-3 business days. I would suggest you definitely trying these knives out. Right now on their website if you click the “Get Discount” tab on the right side, you can save 5% on your order. If you call in, ask for John and tell him you saw my review. I cannot guarantee it, but he may be able to cut you a deal, no promises though.

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