Spyderco Manix 2 XL C95GP2

Overall Length: 8.93″ (227 mm)
Blade Length: 3.88″ (98 mm)
Cutting Edge: 3.43″ (87 mm)
Blade Steel: CPM-S30V
Handle Material: G-10
Closed Length: 5.08″ (129 mm)
Weight: 6.2 oz. (176 g)

Today I am reviewing the Spyderco Manix2 XL (C95GP2). This is their full size version of the Manix line of knives. The first one I received in the mail had an overly tight high tension spring in the slide-lock. I thought to myself, maybe it’s like a pair of new jeans it just needs broken in. Well after two days of using the knife it just didn’t seem to ease up. So I contacted BladeHQ and brought it to their attention. With no questions asked they said send it in and they’ll replace it. So I sent it in and it wasn’t maybe 3-4 days later I had a new one. Upon taking it out of the box I definitely knew the first one was a fluke that somehow made it through quality control because the new one was flawless. Two thumbs up for how BladeHQ handled it!

So I’ve been carrying this Manix2 XL for the last two weeks or so using it on all sorta stuff. Since I ship and receive a lot of boxes I tend to break down boxes as my first line of reviewing how a knife cuts. Out of the box the slide-lock

was very accommodating and I was able to open and close the blade one handed just like the Benchmade Axis-Lock knives. The blade came open smooth and fast. One thing I wanna mention too is that Spyderco definitely perfected putting a razor edge on their knives. This thing is SHARP!


Breaking down about six cardboard boxes was a breeze. I really like how there is a front finger choil and a thumb ramp for choking up on the blade when making cuts. The finger choil and the thumb ramp have an ample amount of jimping which grips real good and ensures no slippage.


Next up was a 1.5″ wide dry branch I came across. With two or three solid chops it went straight through better than I suspected it would. Then I choked up on the blade and started sharpening the branch into a spear point. The flat grind blade made slicing through this branch a breeze.

Even after breaking down all the boxes and chopping away on that 1.5″ branch for over a half hour the edge still retains a almost razor edge. This is attributed to the high quality CPM-S30V blade steel used.


The handle on the Manix2 XL in constructed using full stainless steel liners with G10 scales on the exterior. The G10 has a nice elegant texture feel to it when you’re holding it in the hand. It’s not super grippy like the Cold Steel Recon1. Some complaints about the Recon1 was the G10 was so aggressive it was tearing up peoples jeans. That hasn’t been the case with this Manix2.

The full stainless steel liners are heavily milled out which helps cut down on overall weight. At a weight of 6.2oz I personally don’t have any issues EDC’ing this knife. It carries very nicely and doesn’t shift around in the pocket.

Something I did want to point out though. The jimping on this knife has it’s pros and cons. The pros is it definitely grips! The cons is, if you have a task that involves quite a bit of cutting you’ll probably want to wear a pair of gloves if you have a pair available. After chopping on that branch awhile my thumb started to get sore from the jimping on the backspacer and thumb ramp. Once I got a set of gloves on I was back in business with no discomforting. Also with a pair of gloves I was still able to get a nice firm purchase on the knife.


The pocket clip is a three-screw pocket clip. It has an ample amount of tension but not aggressive. It is adjustable for left or right carry and tip up carry only. As you can see in the pocket it leaves about one inch of the knife exposed. Getting it out and in the pocket is a breeze though.


The last three pictures is size references. It has great ergonomics in the hand. Your pinky finger isn’t forced to cradle down around the butt of the handle like shorter handle knives. The last two pictures shows a size comparison to the Zero Tolerance 0560. Size wise it’s not far off. Believe it or not, my personal opinion is the Manix2 feels just a little better in the hand when tasked with heavy duty cutting.

My final conclusion on the Spyderco Manix 2 XL: I really like this knife and plan to put it in my EDC rotation. The ergonomics of the knife make it very comfortable using whether you’re trying to execute a small cutting task or cut up stuff while camping. Spyderco did a great job when choosing the materials to construct this knife. And lastly, value, for $105 bucks I think you’ll be very hard pressed to find a knife of equal quality using the same or better materials. Not to mention, it’s made right in Golden, Colorado. Definitely give the Manix2 XL a try if you’re in the market for a large EDC knife or a heavy duty folder for your next camping trip. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions regarding the knife feel free to post them up on my thread HERE.

My suggested retailer for the Spyderco Manix 2 XL is BladeHQ. These guys are TOP notch! I think right now their offering free shipping too. Purchasing anything through any of the links on this site helps support Blade Reviews 101, and keeps the wheels moving with fresh new gear reviews. All support is greatly appreciated!

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