Ka-Bar Dozier

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Overall Length: 7.25″
Blade Length: 3″
Blade Thickness: 0.11″
Closed Length: 4.25″
Blade Steel: AUS 8A stainless steel
Weight: 2.2 oz.
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Looking for a great EDC knife that doesn’t break the bank? The Ka-Bar Dozier is certainly a knife that fits the bill for a great budget knife. I bought these about a week and half ago and been carrying them off and on ever since. Over the last couple of days I really been beating on the orange Dozier at work. Between breaking down heavy-duty cardboard shipping boxes and 1.25″ rope this knife has really taken a beating and still retains a great service edge.
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The drop-point blade on this Ka-Bar Dozier is constructed out of AUS8 stainless steel. Aus8 is easy to service and retains a nice razor edge for quite some time. The black coating gives it a nice aesthetic look but will shows signs of ware after some use. The oval hole for deploying is easy for right or left hand use. The lock-back locking mechanism is strong and dependable. When the blade is open there is absolutely no movement what-so-ever.
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The handle is constructed out of Zytel, known for its high strength and low weight properties. The diamond shape texturing on the handles really allow you to get a firm purchase for making cuts. The handle is big enough that even when wearing gloves you will feel confident using this knife.
Out of the box the pocket clips had a little more tension than I like. If that’s an issue don’t worry, it was a simple 2 minute fix with a pair of needle nose pliers. I just bent the clip outwards just a hair and not there both perfect! In a pant pocket they sit nice with about 1/2″ exposed. The pocket clip on these knives can be changed for left or right hand carry – tip up carry only.
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More Pictures:
* Clipped on the side of my LAPG Operator bag – Picture
* Dozier compared to Cryo and One-ton – Picture + Picture
* Dozier and Nano – Picture
My final conclusion on the Ka-Bar Dozier: Overall it’s a awesome budget EDC knife. Super sharp out of the box! It weights next to nothing and has a blade that’s good for most cutting task you’ll encounter day to day. And best of all, it’s inexpensive enough that you won’t feel bad throwing it around. At this price it’s definitely worth scooping one or two up for gifts like I have.
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