Kershaw Shuffle 8700

New for 2013, the Kershaw Shuffle 8700 is a small liner-lock folding multi-function tool and knife. *Gasp* I really like the versatility of this knife and the fact that it retails for under $18 bucks – Yes, I said $18 bucks!!

Not only is it a knife, but it also functions as a bottle cap opener, flat screw driver and a light duty pry bar. I’m not sure I’d necessary rely on this thing to pry me out of a stuck elevator, but it worked great the other day prying the battery terminals off my car battery. So lets look at the specs on this tool…… or knife…

Overall Length: 5.625″
Closed Length: 3.25″
Blade Length: 2.38″
Blade Steel:  3CR13mov
Handle Material: Glass-Filled Nylon (GFN)
Weight: 3.3 oz.

The blade is constructed out of 3CR13mov steel. I’m not real familiar with this particular steel but I’ve had numerous 8CR13mov Kershaw knives and it would seem this 3CR13mov is similar. Out of the box it’s extremely sharp!! I used it over the last two weeks for cutting heavy duty cardboard boxes, ropes, leather, and a slew of misc cutting task around the house. This thing does an excellent job.

Servicing this blade is pretty easy just like the 8CR13mov and it seems that it retains the edge for about the same length of time. The blade can be opened by pinching the blade and pulling it out or using the ambidextrous thumb studs. Out of the box deploying this knife is fairly easy, fast and smooth.

The handle on this Kershaw Shuffle is constructed out of glass filled nylon material. Engraved into the handles are K-textured letters. These patterns allow you to get a pretty good purchase on the knife while performing precise cutting task.


The backspacer on the knife has large jimping grooves that help keep this knife from sliding around while cutting. It also has the bottle cap opener, flat-head screw driver, pry bar and lanyard attachment integrated into it.

Looking inside the handle you can see it is a liner locking system. Lock up is rock solid even after using it for two weeks solid. The liners are full stainless steel and recessed into the handles so it keeps down on the overall thickness of the knife.

Kershaw used a deep carry pocket clip which sits the knife deep in the pocket and out of sight – I Love It!! The only thing you really see sticking out is the lanyard attachment. Or if you carry this knife as a back-up blade like me, I just keep it at the bottom of my left pocket. It sits at the bottom of my pant pocket and I hardly notice it there. The pocket clip can be adjusted for left or right hand carry and tip-up only.

My final conclusion on the Kershaw Shuffle: For under $18 bucks retail it’s hard to beat this knife. I think it ranks right up there with the Kershaw One-Ton but the Shuffle goes the extra step in providing a slew of multi-function tools. The ergonomics are great; it has two nice finger grooves on the handle and a ample amount of space on the back of the blade as a finger choil to get a solid grip. I think the only improvement Kershaw could done with this knife was integrated some jimping on the blade. Other than that, this thing is pretty awesome! For the price it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy a few of these. Toss one in your car, edc bag,  desk at work, or give one as a gift to someone. The Kershaw Store has these in stock for under $18 bucks. Definitely go and buy one…. or three.

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