Zero Tolerance 0550 – Hinderer Design

Today I am reviewing the Zero Tolerance 0550. The 0550 combines Hinderer styling with ZT quality. This knife is based off the Hinderer folding camp knife. The Hinderer folding camp knife was a very limited knife offering from Rick and as you know, custom handcrafted knives hold a premium price tag. So Rick collaborated with ZT to bring a production knife to the market that portrayed his designs at a more affordable price for the consumer. If you like Hinderer knives, this is a must buy!

Overall Length: 8.125″
Closed Length: 4.625″
Blade Length: 3.5″
Blade Steel: S35VN
Handle Material: G10/Titanium Back
Weight: 5.8 oz.
Origin: Made in USA

The long broad drop-point blade is constructed using a premium S35VN stainless steel. I really like the S35VN steel because it is highly wear resistant and resist edge chipping and corrosion. While it may not be the quickest steel to maintenance, it will retain it’s razor edge for a long time!

Above you can get a better view of the beautiful stonewash finish on this blade. Out of the box it is extremely sharp! And after two or so weeks or using the knife daily it still retains that razor sharp edge! Whether you are cutting up thick cardboard boxes or cutting and prying into a wrecked car to rescue someone, this knife will meet and exceed your expectations as a heavy-duty folding knife. The blade rides on two oversized bronze phosphor washers. I read some people saying they had problems with deploying the blade. I’ve been carrying this knife over two weeks now and it’s not been a issue for me at all. Deployment is super smooth and fast. And lock up is tight with absolutely no wiggle room at all.

The jimping on the blade allows you to get a firm secure grip on the blade for making heavy duty cuts. Whether you’re barehanded or wearing gloves the jimping really allows you to securely set your thumb for precise cuts. The ambedextrious thumb studs on this knife also function as the blade stop when opened.

The handle on the Zero Tolerance 0550 is constructed using top notch (as expected) materials. On one side you have G10 and the other 6AL4V titanium. Bonding these two together are high quality torx screws and stand off pillars.

The G10 is pretty grippy and the pattern milled into the scales allow for more secure grip, not to mention give the knife a more aesthetic look. The bead blasted titanium frame-lock looks and feels amazing. And you can see the trademark Hinderer design lock bar stabilizer. There is a generous sized hole in the body for routing a lanyard through if you’d like. The edges of both the G10 and the titanium are radiused throughout, thus removing any sharp edges and this helps the handle to really form fit into the hand. All provide very good traction and you never feel like you are in any danger of losing your grip on the knife. All in all it’s an excellent execution of the handle.

I really like that this knife is a stand off pillar design knife because it allows for easy cleaning without tearing the knife apart. Plus it does help keep the weight down as well. And in my opinion, stand off pillars just look way better than a plain old piece of G10 or generic back spacer.

The Zero Tolerance 0550 uses a deep carry clip that allows the knife to sit nice and low in the pocket not exposing much as you can see above. This is a quad-mount pocket clip which means you can mount it for left or right hand carry and tip up or tip down carry.

My final conclusion on the Zero Tolerance 0550: This knife is a beast! Everything about it screams heavy-duty. It has everything you could ask for in a quality knife, S35VN blade steel, non-slip G10 scale, and titanium frame lock. I think it’s well worth the money considering the craftsmanship, materials and the fact that it’s made right here in the USA.

Like I said earlier — If you like Hinderer knives, this is a must buy! Get one today from The Kershaw Store.

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