Three Sisters Forge BEAST

Are you looking for a heavy-duty custom EDC knife? Are you wanting it to have all the custom quality materials but don’t wanna spend 400-500+ dollars? Well look no further! The Three Sisters Forge (TSF) “BEAST” meets all those expectations you are looking for!

Three Sisters Forge is located at the foot of Three Sisters Mountains in Bend, Oregon. Jim is the proud owner and operator and has been building fine cutlery for over 17 years now. Jim said in one of our conversations that in the 17 years and 5000+ knives, about 92% of them are used in the Military and Law Enforcement sector. And out of those 5000+ knives not a single one had a blade or frame break. Now that says alot about the TSF quality and craftsmanship!

TSF Beast Specs:
Overall Length: 7.35″
Blade Length: 3.00″
Blade Steel: M390; Cryo Stabilized and triple tempered R 59-61
Handle/Frame Material: Titanium; waterjet textured on the presentation side
Weight: 4.4oz

The Beast has a bead blasted/stonewashed blade which is constructed out of M390 blade steel that has a rockwell racing of 59-61 RC. The blade measures 3″ in length and the thickest part of the blade measures 0.157″. Out of the box it was shaving sharp! Whether your preparing ham and cheese sandwich or working 12 hour days doing construction; the Beast will meet and exceed your expectations day in and day out when it comes to cutting and retaining a sharp edge!

Deploying this blade is made easy with the knurled thumb stud. Even after repetitive open and closing the thumb stud doesn’t hurt your thumb like other thumb studs on the market. The blade rides on a pair of bronze sintered washers so opening and closing is very smooth and fast. Because of the tight tolerances, this knife has absolutely no blade wiggle. Lock up is early and rock solid. One thing I noticed right away when I got this knife was the sound the lock bar makes when it locks the blade in place. I’ve had tons of frame lock knives and none of them make that same sound. It’s kind of like a Corvette and a Ferrari. Both sound great but the Ferrari has the slight edge (if that makes any sense?). Blade centering is PERFECT and hasn’t budged one bit!

The handles are constructed out of 1/8″ thick slabs of titanium. The presentation side has a waterjet textured pattern that closely resembles the bi-directional look and feel that Spyderco uses on some of these FRN handles. In the hand it feels great and gives you that feeling of confidence when it comes time to using your knife. Even in wet conditions I was able to get a firm grip on the knife with no movement. Same goes with gloves on.

The TSF Beast is a stand-off pillar design knife. So you won’t have to disassemble the knife for cleaning. Gotta love that ! The locking side of the knife, just like the blade, sports a beautiful stonewash finish. The Beast is held together using all stainless hardware that is recessed so you don’t have any hot spots when you’re using this knife.

The pocket clip is very simple, to the point and functional. It is a stainless low-ride clip that has been stonewashed to match the blade and frame-lock. Mine is right hand – tip up carry but I think Jim did mention he can do them in left hand – tip up carry too.  When it’s in the pocket only about 1/4″ of the knife protrudes the pocket.

My final conclusion on the Three Sisters Forge BEAST: Jim at TSF does such a great job at building these knives. Between the superb craftsmanship, quality materials and the fact that you’re getting a full custom handmade knife for $300 bucks that is made right here in the USA – What more can I really say? The only thing I really wish this knife had would be some jimping. Other than that it’s just awesome! If you want a custom knife but can’t afford the 400-500+ dollars for a Sebenza or Strider, this Three Sisters Forge BEAST will knock your socks off!

Check out the Three Sisters Forge website and if you have any questions feel free to post them below in the comments or you can always contact Jim direct at the shop.