Arborwear Double Thick Pullover – The Holy Grail Of Hoodies!

So back in September some time I posted up on the facebook page that I was looking for a good quality hoodie pull over. I’ve never been a jacket kinda guy. I have a brand new Condor soft shell and a $250~ Columbia jacket that was gifted to me a few years ago. I just never wear them because hoodies feel more comfortable. Anyhow, I got quite a few responses. The two hoodies that stood out among the crowd was the Arborwear and the Carhartt brand.

What really sold me on the Arborwear? After doing a little research on Arborwear I saw they put great emphasis on offering high quality, durable products for arborists. An arborist is someone who takes care of trees. They spend all day climbing up and down them. So as you can imagine, that line of work calls for high quality work clothes. So when I read the double-thick hoodie was constructed using two layers of thick, 12 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton and gusseted armpits I thought to myself “This must be built like a tank”, I just had to give it a try. I’ve had other name brand hoodies, some of which I paid well over $50 dollars for that broke down after a few months of wearing it daily. This Arborwear on paper looked rock solid and while the price wasn’t easy to ingest at first. I figure if it’s as good as I was told on facebook and it looked on paper it’d be money well spent. And if I got it and didn’t feel satisfied with the quality I’d just return it.

So I went ahead and ordered a black 3XL hoodie and about 3-4 days later I had it on my door step. Immediately after picking up the box I thought to myself “Man.. this can’t be a hoodie”. I thought it was something else I ordered because it had more weight than what you’d expect for just a hoodie. Well this ain’t your run of the mill hoodie! So I went into the house and opened the box and there it was..

My out of the box thoughts of the Arborwear hoodie could be summed up in one word “WOW”. Over the last five years I’ve probably spent well over $200 realistically speaking on hoodies. And out of all those hoodies the only one I still have is a old navy. And to be fair I hardly wear that because it’s ash gray which I tend to dislike so I hardly wear it. The rest of the hoodies just fell apart and stretched out to the point of being uncomfortable to wear.

So I’ve been wearing this hoodie pretty much every day since September. And if you were to ask me if I still think it’s worth the $90 dollar price tag. My answer is absolutely (No BS)! I know it’s only been three months and you probably want feedback after a year of use (which I will be doing). But after three months of every day use and probably two dozen cycles through the washer. This hoodie hasn’t even split a stitch or stretched out. I’ve noticed with other hoodies after a few cycles through the washer the stitch work would start fraying and they’d loosen up and not be contour to the mid-section which is something I come to like with hoodies. That’s not the case with this Arbowear hoodie. It still feels and fits like the day I took it out of the box!

Some other things I like about this hoodie is the three snap closures at the neck. With all three of them snapped shut it really keeps my neck and chin warm in some of the lower teens temperature we’ve been getting lately. If your someone who works in a environment where hard-hats are a must. Don’t worry, Arbowear has that covered with the over-sized hoodie. So no longer will you have to put your hard-hat on-top of your hoodie.

The only gripe I’ve had with the hoodie was the day I wore it on a exercise walk. While I was out walking the weather made a rapid change and it started to down pour rain. If this hoodie gets drenched it can be cumbersome to wear for extensive periods of time due to it’s weight when soaked. But it’s just something you come to accept when you want something of high-quality and heavy-duty as this Arborwear hoodie. You could go with a thinner material but then you’re sacrificing comfort and warmth in my opinion. But other than that, I would give this hoodie a “No BS” 10 out of 10.

I will be posting updates on this hoodie throughout the upcoming months and letting everyone know if things change and how it’s holding up. If you have a loved one who works outside in the elements this would make for a great gift. I am confident in saying it’s a gift they will come to love for a long time!

These are available in six colors and sizes up to 4XL. Here is mine hung up ready for tomorrow.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. If for any reason I cannot answer your questions I can put you in contact with someone at Arborwear who can. I emailed them about the double-thick sweat pants they have and had a email back to my question within the hour. It’s hard to come by customer service now days like that.

You can purchase one of these hoodies today from Arborwears Website –>  HERE

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