Brous Blades T4 Flipper – 132/500

Today we’re gonna take a look at the Brous Blades T4 Flipper knife. The T4 flipper is a collaboration by Jason Brous and Jason Moriel-Riboloff from Tanium Design. Their goal for the T4 was to create a multi-use knife that would excel at many tasks such as self-defense, EDC tasks or in the rare situation a survival tool. These are a limited run of only 500, mine being 132 of 500.

I have been carrying this knife every day for the last two weeks now and I must say, I love the build quality and when you hold this knife in your hands and work the action you can feel the difference from other knives of lesser quality and value. So lets look at the specs and the fine details on this knife…
Overall Length: 9″
Blade Length: 4″
Cutting Edge Length: 3.9”
Blade Thickness: 3/16″
Blade Material: D2
Handle Material: Black G10
Closed Length: 5.175″
Weight: 6 oz.




The multi-purpose flat ground modified drop point blade on this Brous T4 is constructed using D2 steel. The cutting edge measures 3.9″ which is HUGE, but don’t let that scare you. This knife utilizes a ball bearing pivot system which greatly improves the smoothness and speed of blade deployment. The modified drop point profile is very nice and aesthetically pleasing. The flat grind makes for a wonderful slicer whether you’re cutting up meats, heavy-duty cardboard, or you find yourself in the woods and need to cut up wood for a fire.

It came out of the box very sharp, and after two weeks of day-to-day use it is still shaving sharp! The deployment action out of the box was a little slow, but after carrying and using it for a day or two it broke in and feels absolutely fantastic. It is super smooth, fast and when you close the blade it falls down into the handle without even touching the blade. Lockup as you can see in the picture is very early. There is absolutely no movement in any direction when the blade is locked open. Blade centering is also spot-on after two weeks of use.

Moving back to the handle of the Brous T4 we’ll take a look first at the jimping. There are two areas of jimping on this knife. There is a nice patch of jimping above the pivot and another patch on the backspacer shown here. The jimping at the front of the knife is my biggest gripe on this whole knife. I feel that if you had to use this knife repetitively throughout the day, you would find that your thumb would be sore after awhile of hard use if you weren’t wearing gloves. The jimping on the backspacer is fantastic and grips the palm just nicely without any discomforting.


The handles and the backspacer on the Brous T4 are constructed out of machined G10. The handles come with aggressive milled angled grooves for a secure and comfortable grip even in wet conditions. All the curves and edges of this knife really conform nicely in your hand as you can see here. Getting a FIRM grip on the knife is no problem bare-handed or with gloves. You can see Jason Moriel-Riboloff’s logo machined into the G10 on the presentation side of the knife here. The liners are stainless steel and skeletonized to lighten the knife while adding strength and function.



The pocket clip on this knife looks and functions great. The first thing you notice is the pocket clip hardware isn’t shown from the presentation side. This attention to detail is really prominent on custom knives far more expensive than the Brous T4. Secondly, the clip flows beautifully with the body lines of the knife which again is something you typically see in a custom and not so much in a production piece.

The clip does appear to sit the knife a little high in the pocket. But to be completely honest with you, I think it sits perfectly for ease of removal. Unfortunately, the clip is not interchangeable, it is right hand – tip up carry only. Overall I am very satisfied with the clip.

Here is a size comparison to the Zero Tolerance 0560 Flipper.




My final conclusion on the Brous T4 Flipper: I like this Brous T4 quite a bit. It is a rugged knife with a great blade shape and an excellent, fast deployment. This is a big blade, a slab of steel that is plenty rugged for most tasks. The milled G10 handles look great and assure a solid grip. The jimping while it can be aggressive as I noted, it is perfectly positioned on the knife. The D2 blade came shaving sharp and still retains a shaving sharp edge after weeks of use. Overall, this is a great knife with excellent value.

Like I said early on in this review, this is a limited run knife of only 500 pieces.
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