DPx Gear HEST II Assault

Today we’re looking at the DPx Gear Hest II Assault survival, multi-tool fixed blade knife. Some great things I learned about the naming of this knife and the DPx brand. The name Hest is short for Hostile Environment Survival Tool. And DPx is short for Dangerous Places Extreme. So after hearing that you probably expect a seriously hardcore piece of cutlery designed by someone who had first hand experience in the field. That’s exactly what your going to get!

This Hest II Assault was designed for brutal use. Robert Young Pelton has applied his 30 years in conflict, wilderness and hard use environments where there is no room for failure.

Overall Length – 7.63″
Blade Length – 3.15″
Blade Thickness – 0.19″
Blade Material – Black Satin TiCN PVD-Coated Niolox Tool Steel, HRC60
Handle Material – Black G10
Sheath – Black Cordura Sheath


The 3.15″ blade is high-performance Niolox stainless steel with a rockwell hardness of 60. After doing a little research on Niolox stainless steel, I found that it is well known for its ability to hold up to abuse and retain cutting edge. Because it is a high-carbon steel knife, it is easier to sharpen but it can develop corrosion if not cared for. After using the knife and putting it in the sheath you’ll wanna whip it dry.

Out of the box I was very impressed with the edge on this knife. It came out of the box shaving sharp! In the two pictures above your probably wondering what the deep groove is on the spine of the blade, or the purpose of the hexagon. Those are just two of the neat tools integrated into this knife. The deep groove serves as a thumb grip or bottle opener. Behind that you will find wire strippers that also function as jimping. And the hexagon, that functions as a 1/4″ hex driver.

In the two above pictures you can see this is a full tang fixed blade. On each side of the tang are beautiful machined and textured G-10 scales. The transition around the around the G-10 onto the tang is very smooth so even when your bare handed there is no hot spots when you find yourself doing heavy-duty task.

The G-10 scales on this DPx Gear Hest II Assault are held in place by 304 stainless steel slotted/Allen screws which really give this knife a heavy-duty look. One the butt of the knife you will find a nice size lanyard hole and below that a pry notch which also functions as a flat-head screw driver and a non-lethal defensive striking object.

The sheath is very well built and offers many attachment solutions. That material used for this sheath is Cordura which is known for it’s durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.  In front of the knife sleeve is a pocketfor putting some sharpening stones or maybe some other misc items that you’d like to carry.

My final conclusion on the DPx Gear HEST II Assault:  I really like this knife. The quality and build on this knife is second to none. The handle is comfortable and the G-10 scales transition onto the blade stock smoothly with no hot spots. The blade is thick and can take a ton of abuse. The multiple tools incorporated into the knife are totally awesome because there functional yet they don’t take away from this being a knife. The sheath is high quality and provides a bunch of attachment solutions including built-in snap molle ties.
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