Spyderco Techno C158TIP

Today we are going to take a look at the Spyderco Techno. The techno is a collaboration with Polish knife maker Marcin Slycz. The build quality is superior to most knives on the market. Fit and finish are remarkable and the knife handle does not scratch easily. This knife is built like a tank and I would not be afraid to pry with this blade if I really needed to. Speaking of blades, lets take a look at the blade on this awesome Spyderco Techno…

Overall Length – 5.98″
Blade Length – 2.55″
Blade Thickness – 0.177″
Blade Steel – CTS-XHP
Handle Length – 3.43″
Handle Material – Titanium

The stout little modified drop point blade on this Spyderco Techno is constructed out of a CTS-XHP. Out of the box it is shaving sharp as you come to expect from Spyderco. The edge retension on this steel is very good. I am very confident knowing that this knife will tackle just about any EDC cutting task I am faced with. It has a beautiful stonewash finish that really goes well with the rest of the knife. The blade measures 2.55″ and is quite thick for being a Spyderco. The blade thickness measures 0.177″. Typically the Spyderco stuff runs alittle thinner than this Techno. But don’t let that scare you, this thing is quite the slicer and I have absolutely no doubt would execute chopping task if needed.
The Techno is a manual knife that glides open and close super smooth thanks to the bronze phosphor washers and superb tolerances. It has the traditional Spyderco thumb hole for opening. At first it took some getting used to on such a compact knife. But after awhile of playing with it,  I can open it just as smooth and fast as any other Spyderco knife I have. Lockup on this knife is by far the best I have ever seen out of a production knife. I would say it’s close to about 10~15%. It’s very early and rock solid when it locks; absolutely no wiggling in any direction! Blade centering is perfect as well. This knife totally rocks!
The handles on the Spyderco Techno measures almost 3.5″ and it made with smooth slabs of titanium. The handles have a shade or two darker stonewash finish than the blade. The techno uses the Chris Reeve lockbar which not only looks good — but functions great!!
The transition from the handle onto the blade is very smooth. The jimping is subtle yet functional. The gear pattern G10 Backspacer is very nice. The gears sit alittle above the titan backspine to give added support in the palm when making precision cuts. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the blue or not because most of the pictures online made the blue look very bright and it stood out like a sore thumb. But my opinion on that changed once I unboxed the knife. The blue isn’t bad at all; but if blue isn’t your cup of tea don’t worry, there are quite a few people who make aftermarket back spacers for this knife.
One of the things that stood out the most about the overall attention to detail on this knife was the fact that Spyderco went the extra step to chamfered the edges around the whole knife. This makes the transition from the top to the sides a lot smoother and creates absolutely no hot spots. This is something you really come to see on custom knives and I was stoked to see that done.
I love the Spyderco wire clip, it works great with this knife and looks great! You can see in the pocket there is very little of the knife exposed. This clip is left or right hand carry and tip up carry only! My plans with the Techno is to actually remove the clip and carry the knife deep in my pocket.  After seeing Greg Medfords Panzer and his pholosiphy behind it I was hooked. The techno just seemed to be to be a more affordable option than his $550 Panzer.
For size reference, here is the Spyderco Techno next to my Zero Tolerance 0801.
My final conclusion on the Spyderco Techno: I love this knife. It is a excellent choice for EDC. It’s not too large or too small and it’s very over-built. The attention to detail and build quality leaves you questioning yourself “Is this really a production knife?” … Yeah, it’s that freaking sweet!  The materials used are top shelf quality. If your looking for a hard use compact knife — Try one of these Spyderco Technos out. You won’t be disappointed!
My suggested retailer for this bad boy – BladeHQ.
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