Zero Tolerance 0566 Hinderer Design

Many times in the past I’ve had people ask which knife I would suggest to them for EDC in the $150 dollar range. While there are some great knives out there in that price range, my personal opinion for what I like to EDC was the Zero Tolerance 0560. Unfortunately two things came into account when it came to the 0560: Cost and Size. There was nothing in the $150 range that shared the same ergonomics and quality parts as the 0560 until now…

The Zero Tolerance 0566 has the same great ergonomics and quality materials as the 0560 at a price you cannot beat. Now there are some slight differences between the two knives that I will get into further in the review, but let me tell you, as someone who’s EDC my Zero Tolerance 0560 for months, the 0566 is the closest feeling knife to the 0560.

Overall Length – 7.70″
Blade Length – 3.25″
Blade Thickness – 0.12″
Blade Material – Elmax
Handle Length – 4.45″
Handle Materials – G10 Front, SS Lockbar
Clip – Quad-Mount (Left/right – Tip up/down)
Weight – 5.3 oz.

The business end of the Zero Tolerance 0566 measures 3.25″ and constructed from Elmax steel. It has a drop point shape with a beautiful stonewash finish. Out of the box it came razor sharp and I’ve found with my other Elmax ZT knives that there very easily to maintenance. The multi-faceted grinds not only make for a menacing look, but also function great for slicing and all sorts of cutting task.

The ZT 0566 deploys super fast and smooth with the Speedsafe assist. If you don’t like assisted knives, don’t worry, you can easily remove the torsion bar under the G10 scale and it essentially makes it a manual opening knife. The blade rides on two bronze phosphor washers which attributes to the smoothness of the blade deployment. The flipper location is located in a position where you can either light-switch or pre-load the flipper straight down for deployment.

Moving back to the handle we’ll take a look at the jimping. The transition from the blade onto the handle is perfect. Some knives have very uncomfortable jimping and you find yourself not enjoying the knife because it causes to much pain in the thumb from gripping it. But that’s not the case with this knife.

The presentation side of the Zero Tolerance 0566 uses a real nice G10 scale. It’s not overly abrasive to the point of being discomforting, but it’s not smooth to the point that it would be a traction issue in a wet condition. One thing that I really like is the chamfered corners around the handle that really make for a smooth transition around the edges and minimize hot-spots when hard using this knife.

The handles are mated together with standoff pillars. I really love this style of knife because of it’s ease of cleaning and in my opinion it just looks much nicer. For cleaning I just run some water in there and use some compressed air to blow it dry. 9/10 times the knife is back to superb condition and I don’t have to disassemble the knife for cleaning.

This knife uses a stonewash finished stainless steel lockbar which has it’s pros and cons. Sure it’s not titanium which is a lightweight counterpart to the stainless steel. But the stainless steel does provide more strength which is something I am willing to give a little weight up for. Plus going with titanium would add a substantial cost increase. Lock up on this knife is rock-solid, absolutely no wiggling in any direction.

The pocket clip on this knife will accommodate all carry options. Whether you want right or left hand carry or tip up or tip down, the Zero Tolerance 0566 will accommodate that no problem! As you can see above it sits nice and deep in the pocket with very little exposing out the top.

Here is some pictures showing the Zero Tolerance 0560 next to the 0566.

My final conclusion on the Zero Tolerance 0566: I absolutely love this knife for many reasons, but the biggest of all. It’s the closest feeling EDC knife to the 0560 without spending over $150 bucks. It comes with the same high quality blade steel too! You can keep it assisted or you can deassist it for whichever deployment method you like best. The fit and finish is second to none. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone who is looking for a new EDC knife under $150 bucks.

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