5.11 Tactical 2-Banger Bag

So for the past few months I’ve been looking around at different compact bags. I could never find one that really offered everything I was looking for in a compact bag until I came across this 5.11 Tactical 2-Banger Bag. Some things that jumped out right away was it’s “low-key” appearance and most of all, it’s price. This bag was under $50 bucks which is a steal considering the other bags I’ve been eyeing up were between $80 to $100 price range. Another thing I really liked about this bag, and it ties in with the “low-key” look was the fact that it wasn’t loaded up with Molle webbing.

The purpose for me wanting a compact bag was to carry my tablet and a few other misc EDC items in for the day-to-day carry. Using a regular size bag such as my LAPG Operator Bag was just impractical for the few things I was looking to carry.

Built from resilient 1050D nylon fabric
Waterproofed back coating
Self-healing YKK zippers
Durable Duraflex hardware
7”H x 9.5”L x 3”W

As you can see by the materials list above, this is a very rugged bag using high quality zippers, 1050D nylon and very high quality stitching.  Lets take a closer look at the bag…

The 5.11 2-Banger bag has three enclosed seperate compartments. The front main compartment shown above measures approximately 8″x6.5″. Inside you will find two mesh pockets for securing items. In these mesh pockets I put on one side my cell phone and my flipside wallet in the other. Also inside this compartment is a small key-ring attachment for my keys. I’ll also toss a pen, gum and first aid stuff in there too.

Looking inside the main compartment. This compartment runs the whole length of the bag as well from the top to bottom. One one side you’ll see a large strip of velcro that can be used with the 5.11 Tactical Tac Tec Holster. On the opposite side there are two larger elastic bands ideal for AR magazines and two smaller elastic bands which are ideal for pistol magazines. At the bottom of the main compartment you will find two nice size drain holes for any fluid that may leak inside.

I use this main compartment for storing my Nexus 7 tablet, two spare magazines, and a Leatherman Charge TTimulti-tool. And even still there is room for more stuff.

The rear compartment, or as some refer this to, the concealed pistol compartment runs about the same length and height as the bag. Inside you will find a Velcro pistol holster attachment and four elastic bands for magazines. Even with a full size Glock there is absolutely no printing or exposure issues if you choose to carry your side arm in this compartment.

On the back of the bag you will find a mesh compartment that works great for storing maps and documents. One thing I don’t like about this pocket is that the bottom left and right corners are not closed stitched. Meaning, if you put something small such as coins or something of similar size, it will likely fall out of the bottom corners. But if all your using this pocket for is papers – it will work great!

This 5.11 2-banger bag does have molle webbing on the sides for mounting other small pouches and stuff. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not since I was looking for a bag without any molle for “low-key” purposes. But after getting the bag and carrying it, I must say I hardly notice is there. It sorta just looks like a pattern design more than anything at a quick glimpse.


The strap is almost a full 2″ inches which allows for great support if you really load out this bag.  The should pad has breathable webbing on one side and three velcro mounting straps on the verse side. And it’s fairly thick which makes carrying this bag super comfortable.

On the strap where it connects to the bag is this dual-purpose panel. It functions as a velcro attachment and molle webbing. But just like the molle on the sides of the bag it’s almost easily overlooked as being a pattern design.

In the picture above you can see the attention to detail in 5.11 Tacticals stitching work, it’s some of the best in the industry. You can also get a closer look at the Self-healing YKK zippers. There is nothing worse than having that favorite bag or jacket with a poor quality zipper and having the zipper malfunction. That’s not the case with this bag.  Another thing I like are the pull tabs on the zippers. As you can see in the picture I have them weaved through one another to make it tougher to get in for would-be thieves.

The 5.11 Tactical 2-Banger Bag is offered in four different colors. From left to right:
– Sandstone
– Black
– OD Trail
– Double Tap

My final conclusion on the 5.11 Tactical 2-Banger Bag: This is a really nice bag. It is very rugged with high quality zippers and plenty of storage options exactly what I needed. I can fit my tablet, 2 magazines and a slew of other EDC items and still have plenty of room for more stuff if needed. The separate concealed compartment for pistols is also a nice touch if your spending a day at the beach and can’t carry your gun on your waist. And best of all, you get all this for under $50 bucks!! You can’t go wrong with that — I highly recommend this bag!

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