Nocturnal F.F.T.S. Fixed Blade

In the market for a extremely heavy duty fixed blade? This thing is built like a tank! The Nocturnal F.F.T.S. fixed blade is one you’ll want to consider. I was skeptical whether or not I’d like this knife because lets face it – this knife is heavy. On my scale it’s registering 19oz. with the kydex sheath. But after handling it, I noticed it wasn’t as bad as I think it would be. It’s very well balanced and feels really good in the hands.

Overall Length – 9.8″
Cutting Edge: – 4.5″
Handle Length: – 4.5″
Blade Width: – 1.95″
Blade Thickness – .280″-.300″
Blade Steel – CPM-3V, 60HRC

The folks at Nocturnal offers these F.F.T.S. fixed blades in a few different configurations. You have some choices between the G10 scale colors and some coating and hardware options. When I am paying this kinda money, I like to have some options. Other companies, you get what they like or don’t buy it. That’s not the case with these guys.


The Nocturnal F.F.T.S. is a tull-tang modified drop-point blade shape that is constructed out of thick slab of CPM-3V with a cryogenic heat treat to 60HRC. CPM-3V is a hard use steel. It surpasses S30V in impact resistance and lateral stresses. Meaning, you can beat the crap out of it.  Out of the box it’s exceptionally sharp! If you want a hard-use, great edge retention, high quality USA Made fixed blade, this is a great option.



The jimping is very well placed on this knife. I really like how the jimping on the spine of the blade goes further down toward the tip then other knives. This allows you to choke up on the blade for making precision cuts. And the transition on to the body is smooth and not overbearing. And the jimping on the underside of the handle is very pleasing and helps secure the knife under heavy use. Another thing I really like is the generous sized finger choil; it allows this knife to really form-fit your hand like a glove.

The handles on this Nocturnal F.F.T.S. has some of the best G10 sculpted scales I’ve came across on a knife. There very form-fitting to the hand and don’t present any hot spots. It comes with your choice of satin hardened steel hardware  or if you want the sinister look you can opt for the black aluminum hardware.

My final conclusion on the Nocturnal F.F.T.S. Fixed Blade:  This is an overbuilt, sturdy and sharp knife. Perfect for its intended use: heavy-duty cutting, camping, hunting and tactical use. The G10 handles are beautifully done. The grip is solid and comfortable and fits well in the hand. I think the biggest issue a lot of people are going to see with this knife is the price tag. Lets be honest, it’s not the cheapest fixed blade on the market. But when you consider the attention to detail and the fact that this is built in America using high quality materials, you then begin to see that you’re getting an ample amount of value in this knife. This knife also comes with a very well built kydex sheath that is large/small Tek-Loc, PUP, and Blackhawk! IWB Paddle Platform compatible.

A complaint I hear often with many custom knife makers is the wait time. I am the kinda person who is very impatient and can’t stand waiting more than a week or two for something when I buy it. And most of the time that’s one thing that determines whether or not I buy a knife from a custom builder. Some knife builders have a 3+ year waiting list. I just can’t come to terms to pay a deposit or full amount upfront and wait that long. Unfortunately it’s what custom knife builders are faced with. The demand far surpasses the supply. I know on their website right now their saying the wait time is somewhere between 8 to 32 weeks, however….

I know right now ( 2/27/14 ) 4DStoreLLC has quite a few of the Nocturnal knives in stock including the F.F.T.S.  Their also including free shipping too! So if your in the market for a heavy-duty fixed blade; buzz over to 4DStoreLLC and try one of these out.


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