Curtiss Knives F3 – Hardcore EDC Knives

Just wanted to post up a review on this Curtiss F3 that I purchased not to long ago. In the past I wasn’t overly fond with the pivot on this model knife. But after awhile of looking at different knives from Dave it has really grown on me to the point of calling him about a 4″ F3 model. Unfortunately at the time of our call there was none available to purchase but we did discuss the designs and how he really built the F3 for someone who is going to EDC this knife and use it. In other words, he didn’t design the F3 to be a safe-queen.

So we got to talking for awhile about his Blade Show experience and things he enjoyed seeing at the show. So I asked Dave if he is aware of any dealers that may have some F3 3.5″ models in stock. I figure I’d buy a 3.5″ model now to hold me over until a 4″ model becomes available. And to my surprise Dave said Yes! Bladeco USA just got a shipment of F3’s.. So checked out their website and saw that I missed out on a carbon fiber model. But they did have this sleek looking black G10 model with Daves sweet blackwash finish blade. I was sold!

Overall Length – 7.75″
Blade Length – 3.25″
Handle Length – 4.50″
Blade Steel – M390
Weight – 5.00 oz
Origin – Made in the USA

So my initial thoughts right out of the box. It was freaking awesome! When I got my Zero Tolerance 0801 I was overly impressed with the flipping action and detent on that knife. Until than I’ve never experienced a knife that was so perfect and doubted I’d ever get a knife that would exceed the quality that knife had…. Than I got this Curtiss F3. The detent is strong but not to the point that it’s a discomfort to flip it open. And once it breaks the detent watch out, the blade rockets out lightening fast! You can either pre-load the flipper or light-switch it. Whatever way you prefer works great on this knife. Lock up is rock solid with absolutely no movement when opened.

Look at the business end of this knife. That blackwash finish Dave does is absolutely gorgeous looking! The blade measures out 3.25″ constructed of M390 steel. Yes .. I said M390!  Dave said on the phone call that he is now doing knives in M390 and still doing them in N690 too.  As far as sharpness out of box, it’s razor sharp! The jimping on the backspine of the blade allows for your thumb to get a good purchase on the blade for making precise cuts and overall better control.

Here you can get a closer look at the blackwash finished pivot and the sleek G10 handle.  From the pictures I wasn’t sure if I’d like the handle due to traction. But after using it the last couple of days, even in wet conditions, I have had no issues with loss traction. The ergonomics of the handle really allows me to get a firm solid purchase on the knife.

The only thing that really surprised me on the handle was that the titanium liner wasn’t skeletanized. But in my opinion it’s not a deal breaker. The weight of the knife is well balanced and I like it a lot.

There is two options from Dave when it comes to back spacers. One is the gear pattern like I have shown above and the other is standard pillar standoffs. Both look great, but I think the gear pattern is a little better looking. Plus it allows for a little more grip in the hand.

Taking a look at the back of the knife handle. The Curtiss F3 uses a titanium framelock design with a sweet pocket clip. The pivot on the backside of the knife also functions as a lockbar stopper. The pocket clip is only right hand tip up carry only. I used to be a big fan of deep carry pocket clips; and I still do appreciate them. But lately I’ve been really finding myself carrying knives that expose a little more of the knife for ease of use in and out of the pocket. This clip allows for easy in and out of the pocket use.

My final conclusion on the Curtiss Knives F3:  This is an awesome knife. If your looking for a custom knife that you intend of carrying every day and using then this is the knife for you. With the quality materials and craftsmanship I really feel you get alot for your money with this knife. Now I just need to get myself a 4″ model F3 to complete my set ..

If your looking for any Curtiss Knives definitely check out Bladeco USA. I ordered this knife on a Friday and had it on my door Monday!!

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