5.11 Tactical Rush Moab 6 – REVIEW

We’ve been excited to get our hands on another 5.11 Tactical bag for a while now. Back in February we reviewed the 5.11 Tactical 2-Banger Bag and have had great success with it. So when it came time for needing another bag I checked out 5.11 to see if they had anything that fit the bill for my needs. And this bag jumped out almost right away. Today we are reviewing the 5.11 Tactical Moab 6 (Mobile Operation Attachment Bag). The Moab 6 is part of the RUSH series of premium quality packs from 5.11. A small sling pack with modular storage expandability, the MOAB 6 can act as a tactical pack, a grab-and-go bag, or a quick and easy shoulder pack for school or travel.

The purpose for this bag, for me, is to use at the gym and going to running races. It’s overall size is perfect for my needs and provides an ample amount of storage space for all my needs. Just look at the picture above, what’s not to like about it?  The bag looks made for abuse!

Durable, lightweight 1050D nylon
Water resistant
5.11 Tier System integrates with other RUSH bags
Main compartment: 10.5″ H x 9″ L x 5″ D
Front compartment: 9.5″ H x 8″ L x 2″ D
Tech pocket pass-through cord slots
Hook and loop flag patch
YKK® self-healing zippers

Lets start on the exterior of this 5.11 Tactical Moab 6 bag. It is constructed from a military-spec 1050D ballistic Cordura nylon with water-repellent coating, which the best stuff on the market! Let’s not stop there, it also utilizes YKK self-healing zippers with generous sized pull-tabs. The bag offers a substantial amount of molle webbing for adding external molle pouches. From the pictures above you can see there is an ample amount on the front of the bag as well as both sides.

In the picture above you can get a better understanding at the attention to detail 5.11 puts into not just this bag – but all their bags. Just look at the stitching on that sturdy grab handle! I had a sling bag from a competitor of 5.11 and while it offered all the storage I needed, I was very unsatisfied with the attention to detail with their stitching. That bag was $20~$30 dollars more and the stitching on the inside was frayed in some spots. That’s not the case with this bag!

Moving towards the back of the bag on to the sling. Here you see there is a small tech pouch. In here you can store things like a camera, cell phone, or anything else that you’d like. You can see there is a slit in the pouch for routing earbuds out.  In there I typically keep my cell phone and a flashlight for easy reach.
The sling has two real nice portions of padding for superior comfort. The first is right under the above tech pouch and the other is a shoulder pad attached a little lower on the slide. The shoulder pad is really helps keep the bag comfortable even with a heavy load.

The back panel on the 5.11 Tactical Moab 6  is pretty simple. There is some nice padding towards the bottom and it has two hypalon fabric patches which helps keep the bag from shuffling around on your back. And from my understanding, hypalon fabric is the same material used to construct inflatable boats that the Navy Seals use. The back panel pocket is pretty substantial in size and can accommodate a number of things. In there I typically keep my Nexus 7 tablet.

Lets dive inside this bag. Here is a good look at the front compartment on this 5.11 Moab 6 bag. On the inside flap you will see there is two long pockets which can accommodate a number of things including AR magazines. On the opposite side is six separate compartments for your storage needs. They also included two key-keepers to help keep your keys and other items from getting lost.  Like I mentioned earlier in the review about the quality stitching on the inside – just look at that above. Everything is neatly stitched and not frayed. QUALITY!

The concealment pocket is positioned between the front and main compartment. As you can see from the picture above you can barely notice it there which is what you want if you need to carry your sidearm off the waist. Inside is a substantial amount of velcro for using the 5.11 Tactical Tac Tec Holster. And getting the pistol in and out of the compartment is a breeze.

The main compartment offers an ample amount of storage space for all sorts of uses. On the flap side of the compartment you see a upper netting pocket where I keep things like extra phone charger cords etc.. Below that is a enclosed pocket where I keep things like protein bars etc..   There is a larger compartment with a elastic pull on it which I have used for storing things like clean running socks etc..  The main compartment is pretty large; I have been able to fit my running gear (10″ shoes, shirt and shorts) and other items like a 24oz protein shake.

My final thoughts on the 5.11 Tactical Moab 6 Bag: It’s a great little bag and fulfills my needs for a gym and running gear bag. It expands a great deal to put heavy items in and has many pockets to utilize. Again 5.11 Tactical has hit this one out of the park with superior quality and usability. I would highly recommend this bag. Check out WWW.GRABAGUN.COM and order yours today! GrabAGun offers a slew of 5.11 Tactical gear with awesome prices and FAST shipping.

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