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The entire revenue for Blade Reviews 101 comes from our subscribers when they buy items through our affiliate partners. How does this work? Simple! I have partnerships with a number of popular online stores shown below. If you click through to them (or save as bookmark) via the logos below you’ll be taken to their sites as normal, and the prices are exactly the same too. But by first clicking through to them via my links here and on my review pages, they pay me a small commission fee. So it’s a win-win and works not just for knives but anything you buy, whether it’s bags, apparel etc… Any purchase you make from the following stores will help fund my work at Blade Reviews 101 and keep the reviews flowing! I really do appreciate your support and if you do buy new gear I’d love to hear what you think of it on my social channels!

Blade HQ Knives

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Onnit Kettlebells

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