Boker Kwaiken Carbon Fiber 01BO298

Boker Kwaiken Carbon Fiber 01BO298
Overall Length: 8.375″
Blade Length: 3.50″
Blade Material: VG-10
Handle Length: 4.875″
Handle Thickness: 0.52″
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 4.35 oz.

Lucas Burnley’s Kwaiken design has been a breakout success for Boker! This carbon fiber version improves on an already proven design, adding hi-tech materials and the new flipper feature for quicker deployment.  I have been carrying this knife for a few days now and am very impressed. Whether you are in the market for an affordable gentleman’s knife or a really nice EDC knife this would be an ideal choice. Right out of the box I was impressed with the fit and finish of the knife.

The handle is constructed using stainless steel liners with carbon fiber exterior scales. The knife has a open spine design with a G10 backspacer at the butt of the handle. This allows the knife to be easily cleaned without disassembly and makes it a overall well balanced knife in the hand.

In the picture above you can see how the blade of the knife sits nice and flush inside the handle with no exposure. In my opinion this is one thing I really like about this knife. Its very sleek and elegant and doesn’t really scream TACTICAL.

The Boker Kwaiken 01BO298 is a liner locking knife. So far after a few days of use there is absolutely no sticking or any movement with the blade when deployed. It locks up rock solid!

The SHARP hollow ground blade on the Kwaiken is made out of VG-10 stainless steel. VG-10 is a very good stainless steel. It ranks high on getting sharp, staying sharp, corrosion resistance and toughness. I think the satin finish on this knife is beautifully executed. It really ads to the sleek overall look of this knife.

This knife utilizes the IKBS bearing system. This bearing system allows the blade to be deployed super fast and smooth. The flipper tab takes some getting used to but after a few tries you’ll be set!

The pocket clip is pretty simple yet sleek in its design. It allows for right hand – tip UP carry only! In the pocket it leaves just enough exposed to get a firm grip on for deploying.

Overall this knife is pretty top notch and I haven’t found any flaws thus far with it. Whether you are looking for something dressy to carry or something to EDC – this is a affordable knife and I highly recommend checking it out.

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