Zero Tolerance 0095BW Flipper

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The Zero Tolerance 0095BW is another fine example of prestige engineering from the ZT camp. This knife I feel could easily fill the void for the now discontinued 0560 model.  The size, ergonomics, materials and pricing are all very similar OR BETTER than the 0560.
Overall Length: 8.375″
Blade Length: 3.625″
Blade Material: CPM-S35VN
Handle Length: 4.875″
Handle Material: Titanium
Weight: 5.3 oz
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The business end of the Zero Tolerance 0095BW is constructed out of a premium CPM-S35VN steel with a beautiful blackwash finish. The blade is a sturdy harpoon style design that is highly functional. There is a lot of belly for utility work and the knife arrived exceptionally sharp!

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Deployment on the Zero Tolerance 0095BW is absolutely effortless thanks to a nice flipper design and Kershaw Velocity Technology (KVT). KVT is a bearing system that replaces a more traditional phosphor bronze or teflon washer with a series of small ball bearings. The action is very smooth, fluid like with a strong lockup.

The titanium handle construction on the Zero Tolerance 0095BW is truly next level if you ask me. I must say, at first looking at this knife online I was unsure I would like how it feels in the hand with the contoured chamfers. But after getting the knife and carrying it – I must say I absolutely love it! The only thing they could do that may improve the looks of this knife is maybe offer it with a carbon fiber handle on the presentation side. But as-is, the ergonomics of the handle allows it to lock in my hand for any cutting task.
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Having only two peices of hardware holding this knife together really gives it a sleek and clean look. And speaking of clean – cleaning this knife is made easy since it is a open flow-though design knife.

The Zero Tolerance 0095BW pocketclip is reversible for left, and right handed tip-up carry only. As you can see in the picture above it sits in the pocket just nicely with very little exposing.

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The above picture is a size reference to other flagship Zero Tolerance EDC knives. From top to bottom: ZT 0562CF , ZT 0095BW and the ZT 0561/0…

Final thoughts…

As far as I am concerned, the Zero Tolerance 0095BW is a awesome folding knife. The guys at ZT absolutely loaded this one to the gills with stunning looks and materials and backed it with their legendary lifetime warranty. If you are in the market for a new knife I would highly suggest giving this guy a try.

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